Budget Moves

Hourly Rate: pay for the time you use.
With this pricing option you simply pay for the time that you use for your removal. This works out very well especially for our clients that do not have huge amounts of furniture, and customers that are well organised in terms of the boxes they use and their packing.

We charge in half hourly increments for a standard removal team (2 men and a 3.5 tonne truck). Rates are competitive and a discount is given for moves on Monday to Wednesday. Minimum charge of 4 hours
Fixed Price
We are also happy to price our jobs on a fixed rate basis either by talking to one of our move consultants over the phone, or by filling out our online fixed quote form. quote page With houses that have 4 bedrooms or below we do not need to visit the property prior to the removal to generate a fixed quote. We can use our experience in the removals industry to calculate a fixed price based on averages.
Vehicle rental
If the first two options are not for you. Then why not look at renting one of our own vehicle to do your move. Our vehicle all come kitted out with blankets, ties and sack truck everything you will need to move yourself. Packing materials can be palaced on the vehicle at addtional cost. Terms and conditions apply